Air PurifIer ( Made in Sweden )

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AirRevival’s revolutionary Electronic Air Cleaning (EAC) technology takes advantage of electrostatic fields to literally draw pollutants out of the air. Since fine particles naturally have a positive charge, they can be attracted by a negatively charged electrostatic field. By creating just such a field, a single AirRevival unit can capture 90% of particles within an average-sized bedroom, using minimal electricity (approximately 1W). 


Thanks to suction cups, you can simply affix an AirRevival unit to an easy-to-clean surface, preferably a glass pane such as a window or mirror. Hazardous particles are drawn from the air and collect on the glass. Once captured, these particles are effectively stuck and are not re-released into the air. Just wipe down the surface to thoroughly cleanse your home of pollutants. Visit for applications and how it works.


For Home: HK$1900  

For Car: HK$1700

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